Job Location Program

The Job Location Program (JLP) connects local employers with students looking for local part-time work that fits their school schedule. The Job Location Program is provided by the University of Oklahoma through a federal job development grant. Currently there are 94 jobs posted.

Students Preview Off-Campus Jobs Here! Need a job that works with your class schedule? Find one through the online Job Location Program.  Please let us know if you get hired.  Use Feedback directed to Norman Campus.

Students Set-Up Your Job Account Here! Send your job request directly to local employers. No waiting to process paperwork. Log-in with your current network account and password and you're on your way.  Please reply with Feedback to Norman campus to let us know which Employer hired you.

Employers Post Part-Time Jobs For Students Here!
Interested in hiring an OU student for your part-time job? Create an online employer account and then post all your part-time job listings for free. Report OU hires conveniently online!

RSS Feed icon Subscribe to Jobs RSS Feed. Subscribing to the JLP RSS feed will inform you whenever a job is added or updated.

Top 10 Reasons to Use the Job Location Program (JLP)

  1. Get Exposure - Your job postings are accessible to 20,000 plus students.
  2. Only Qualified Students Get Access - Only current active students are able to send you job referrals.
  3. Managing Your Account is Easy - Activating, updating and deleting job postings are a mouse click away.
  4. We Keep You Informed - We will send you useful updates and reminders.
  5. You Have 24 Hour Access - Your employer account is available at your convenience.
  6. Student Updates - Students receive updates when a new job has been posted.
  7. Unlimited Listings - No restrictions on the number of postings or frequency of use.
  8. Quick Turnaround - Your jobs are reviewed by our office and made public within two business days.
  9. You Control the Process - Student referrals are sent to you directly from our site.
  10. It's Free - All that we require is that you let us know when you hire an OU student. That's it!
Disclaimer: Participation by business on this website should not be considered a recommendation or endorsement by Human Resources or the University of Oklahoma. The Job Location Program is a free job posting service that helps OU students find local businesses who are looking for part-time employees. We encourage students to check the work environment and use their best judgment when interviewing or before accepting employment with any off-campus employer. Concerns or complaints about a business listed on this website can be directed to Human Resources at or by calling (405) 325-1826.