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Alliance Maintenance, Inc.
Summer Business Management Internship
Number of Hours: 15
Salary Range: $13.00
Location: Norman
We're looking for an enthusiastic student that wants to learn the basics of leadership and business management.  If you're willing to learn, we're willing to train you.  You will be assisting with recruiting, onboarding, training, and managing people.  You will also be assisting with starting new accounts, inspecting accounts, and resolving customer service issues.
Embassy Suites Oklahoma City Downtown / Medical Center
Banquet Setup
Number of Hours: 25
Salary Range: $13.00
Location: OKC Metro

The Banquet Set-up Attendant is responsible for set-up and clean-up of banquet functions as well as monitoring assigned sections during the events to ensure all patrons are served. This position has varying shifts including nights and weekends.


Provides guests with the finest quality of service at all times and in a warm and enthusiastic manner.
Vacuums sweeps mops polishes wipes areas clean before during and after events.
Ensures that the banquet area is maintained in a clean organized and safe condition.
Ensures that at the close of a function and at the end of the workday all banquet rooms are cleared and securely locked.
Ensures all equipment is stored in the designated area.
Is always present in room and greets guests upon arrival.
Maintains banquet and hotel standards of food beverage and quality guest service.
Is available to present menus answer questions and take food and beverage orders.
Cooks or otherwise prepares food according to recipe.
Assists in food production according to menu and number of persons to be served.
Monitors tables in assigned section ensuring all patrons are served.
Clears and cleans tables; resets counters and tables.
Maintains kitchen and wait station by keeping area tidy and clean and stocks assigned areas at the end of each shift.
Ensures tips are reported properly for tax processing.
Other duties as assigned.

Oklahoma Family Dentistry
Associate Dentist
Number of Hours: 31
Salary Range: Other
Location: OKC Metro

Ensures strength and future growth of the practice by providing excellent care to patients, and cultivating respect and professionalism to the dental team.
Diagnose and treat patients with oral diseases.
Provide dentistry services such as root canals, extractions, fillings, bridges, crowns, dentures, implants, and other oral services allowed according to the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry.
Educate patients about oral hygiene and preventive dental care.
Seek the advice of the owner of the practice, should (s)he be unclear or unsure how to proceed with handling a situation in the care of any patient of the practice.
Ensure compliance with OSHA and dental board procedures.
Use dental instruments safely and effectively to avoid accidents.
Stay abreast with the latest developments in the dentistry field.
Examine patients, obtain medical history, and develop treatment plans.
Monitor patient progress and maintain treatment records.
Follow clinical protocols and financial policies previously established by Oklahoma Family Dentistry
Provide clear and concise clinical notation and documentation of every patient that you provide a service to.
Work with clinical and administrative staff to provide quality patient care services.
Communicate at a high level with entire team.
Address clinical issues promptly and accurately.
Mutual agreement to assist in practice productivity when another Doctor is away.
Ability to navigate dental software with ease to aid in patient education.
Required to attend all staff meetings and team building exercises.
Insures and maintains safety of patients, personnel and other doctors by reporting any threats of workplace violence or harassment.
The associate doctor appropriately and in a timely manner (unless an emergency) communicates his/her time out of the office so that the office maintains adequate doctor coverage and little to no conflict arises for personnel.
The associate doctor is an active participant in the annual performance evaluation/appraisals, new employee progress reports, and/or other types of employee reviews as deemed necessary by the owner of Oklahoma Family Dentistry.
The associate doctor is expected to provide ideas and make practice contributions to monthly team meetings as well as morning huddles/meetings.

Advises patients on treatment plans and oral hygiene.
Refers patients to specialists if necessary and analyzes medical records and reports.

Domestic Employer
Personal Assistant
Number of Hours: 10
Salary Range: $16.00 - $18.00
Location: Norman

We are looking for a personal assistant 17-year-old high school student with autism. 

Provide assistance/guidance with daily living activities, play board games and provide company for community outings such as bowling etc.

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