Business Participation Criteria

The Job Location Program is a federally funded service designed to assist students locate local off-campus jobs.

This is a free listing service for businesses that meet the following criteria:

  1. The job listing must be for a legitimate, local, part-time position within commuting distance of the Oklahoma City Metro area. Full-time positions may be posted if the work schedule is flexible enough to work around a student's school schedule.
  2. The Job Location Program reserves the right not to list full-time, non-local, short-term, "business opportunity" jobs, or any other job that is judged not to meet the Job Location Program's objectives.
  3. Because the University of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity employer, all businesses listing jobs with the Job Location Program must agree to an EEO Non-Discriminatory Employment Practices Statement.
  4. Businesses who participate in the Job Location Program agree to identify and report to us all University of Oklahoma students hired.
  5. The Job Location Program reserves the right to discontinue any business's participation or any job listing at our discretion.
  6. Only jobs providing compensation for work performed can be posted to this website. Non-paid internship opportunities should be directed to OU Career Services.